Consumer Benefits

Consumer Benefits

Consumer Benefits

Stylish. State-of-the-Art. Efficient. Personal.
Learn how Rplate Pro delivers a powerful connected car experience.

The Rplate Pro is a fully functional license plate and is compliant with state standards*. At 6″ X 12″, the Rplate Pro replaces the traditional license plate on most vehicles.

* The Rplate Pro is currently available in CA and in pilot in AZ

The Rplate Pro provides custom tamper-proof mounting and built-in anti-theft features.

With a crisp, bright, reflective screen, the Rplate Pro is easily discernible in all weather conditions.

The Rplate Pro is industrial-strength and able to withstand extreme changes in weather conditions.


Technical Features

  • Complies with state and regulatory standards
  • Fully legal in California and approved by the DMV and CHP
  • Eliminates the need for traditional plate decals and stickers


  • Standard digital license plates can be easily adapted into special interest plates
  • Enables multiple plate designs including support for numerous causes/charities
  • Provides new branding opportunities for states, cities, communities and universities
  • Custom hardware with tamper-proof secure element
  • Anti-theft features
  • Secure and encrypted data connection to the cloud
  • AES 256-bit symmetric key encryption
  • Secure HTTP access using TLS
  • Track vehicles
  • Log trips – Date, Time, Distance and Route
  • Set Geo-Fence Notifications

Parked vehicles can display

  • Targeted marketing messages via geo-fencing
  • Corporate branding and personalized messages